MovingTrade started the activity in 2012, with a concrete motivation to orientate the external market in the supply of meat products (beef, pork, poultry and lamb). For the sustainability of a dynamic development, we soon set the purpose of extending the range of products beyond meat products.

Thus, presently our range of products includes Portuguese fruits, wines and olive oils. We operate in the European, Asian, Eastern European and African markets.

Pork Meat

Pork is a great source of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B12. This aid in general well-being and is essential to our body. This meat is also rich in minerals such as selenium,  zinc and iron.

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Lamb Meat

Lamb meat is advised for its protein content, which is rich in most of the B-complex vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is an easily digestible meat, rich in zinc and iron.

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Chicken Meat

In addition to the large amount of protein and low fat, chicken meat is also a source of vitamin B6. Some recent studies also associate the consumption of this meat with the improvement of the whole brain system.

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Turkey Meat

Turkey meat is a great source of energy that has a very low fat content. The consumption of turkey meat helps in reducing cholesterol levels and improves the resistance of the immune system.

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Duck Meat

Known for being a darker meat. Within poultry, duck meat is the richest in vitamin B1 (thiamine) and fat (6%). Like the other meats, the duck contains an important amount of zinc.

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Beef Meat

The beef is notable for the great concentration of iron and conjugated linoleic acid, which acts on increasing muscle mass, helping to reduce body fat and prevent diabetes. Beef is still rich in vitamin B12.

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In addition to being a great drink to consume with friends and special people, wines have several health benefits. Moderate and regular wine consumption, can even help prevent various diseases.

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Olive Oil

Vegetable fat known as liquid gold, is considered the healthiest fat because of its composition rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols with antioxidant properties.

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Fruit is a key element in healthy eating that should be consumed daily. These foods provide vitamins, minerals, different dietary fibers, protective compounds that help regulate the body.

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